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My story

My journey began in the midst of turmoil, uprooting my life from Ukraine to the tranquil shores of the Netherlands two years ago due to the war. It was a time of immense change and uncertainty, yet within this upheaval, I discovered a new path that led me to a place of peace and purpose.

With a degree in marketing, I had spent years navigating the corporate world, understanding its demands and pressures intimately. But amid the spreadsheets and meetings, I found my true calling in the serenity of the yoga mat. I chose to leave behind the confines of the office to embrace the role of a certified yoga teacher, eager to share the profound benefits of mindful practice.

Now based in The Hague, I offer yoga sessions that go beyond the ordinary. My unique perspective as a former office employee has driven me to develop corporate yoga programs. I understand firsthand the need for a mindful escape within the workplace – a practice that not only elevates the spirit but also builds camaraderie through shared experiences, improves productivity, and fosters overall well-being.

But my journey doesn't stop at teaching. My creative spirit has always been a cornerstone of my identity. I love art and design, and this passion has blossomed into a vibrant shop section on my website. Here, you can find print-on-demand items inspired by yoga and mindfulness, from cups and t-shirts to home décor. Each piece is crafted with love and intention, aiming to bring a touch of inspiration to your everyday life. Excitingly, I’m expanding the collection to include essential yoga equipment like mats, ensuring you have everything you need to enhance your practice.

Every step of my journey, from Ukraine to The Hague, from marketing professional to yoga teacher and creative entrepreneur, has been guided by a desire to bring light and balance to those around me. I invite you to join me on this path, to find your own peace, and to share in the transformative power of yoga.

Irina Fowler

Yoga Teacher and Founder of Good Karma

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